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Coaching for High School Students

Coaching for High School Students

Career Coaching for High School Students or Recent Graduates in Orange County

Making decisions about your education and future career this early in life can be difficult. As a Certified Business and Career Coach I can give you assistance in looking at future possibilities. As you consider your education options for career preparation, you can benefit from a wealth of information to help you begin your career planning and exploration process.

By taking an assessment known as the Strong Interest Inventory ® Report, it can assist you in making satisfying decisions about your future career and education.

  • How will you benefit?

    The Strong report can be a valuable tool in helping you identify your interests, enabling you to:

    • Achieve satisfaction in your work
    • Identify career option consistent with your interests
    • Choose appropriate education and training relevant to your interests
    • Maintain balance between your work and leisure activities
    • Understand aspects of your personality most closely associated with your interests
    • Determine your preferred learning environments
    • Learn about your preference for leadership, risk-taking, and teamwork
    • Use interests in shaping your career direction
    • Decide on a focus for the future
  • How to get started?

    Over 2 coaching sessions we will cover the following:

    Session 1

    Debrief your MBTI Step I results
    • This will take approximately 30 minutes
    • Includes a discussion of personality type and type development and an extensive description of your four-letter type
    • Offers tips for verifying type
    • Includes “Introduction to Type” booklet

    Click here for MBTI Sample Report

    Session 2

    Debrief your Strong Report
    • The report will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and the results will be emailed to me. You then have several options to have your results reviewed either virtually, phone consultation or in-person coaching (travel expenses apply).
    • It is highly recommended to have a parent or guardian accompany the student during this time so that you both understand the process and continue to evaluate the report after the call together.
    • The cost of your virtual coaching session includes the report. A workbook to use along with the call is optional, but highly recommended.

    Click here for Strong Sample Report