Train the trainer

Train the trainer

Train the trainer workshop in Orange County.

Are you searching for?

  • Confidence and credentials to conduct Everything DiSC® sessions?
  • An immersion in the Everything DiSC model and the newest DiSC® research?
  • In-depth knowledge of DiSC and the Everything DiSC?
  • Then the Everything DiSC Trainer Certification is for you.

  • In person

    You’ll get hands-on experience with Everything DiSC and discover how to use the Everything DiSC profiles and facilitation materials to meet a variety of organizational needs. Plus you’ll learn the theory to help you understand and interpret the Everything DiSC model. Finally, you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Everything DiSC through group presentations and a written exam.

    Cost $2995* per person

    The fee for the two-day Certification includes the following class materials, practical exam, continental breakfast, and lunch both days. Attendees are responsible for all other expenses.

    • Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.
    • Identify yourself as an Inscape Publishing Everything DiSC® Certification attendee for the special room rate.
    • Attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.

    Class Materials Included with Your Registration Fee

    One of the following Everything DiSC facilitation kits are included:

    Dates Still available

    More information

    Facilitation Kit includes:

    • Leader’s Guide in MS Word
    • PowerPoint with embedded video
    • Stand-alone, menu-driven video
    • Participant handouts in MS Word
    • Templates and img
    • Sample Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
    • Sample Everything DiSC Comparison Report
    • Online resources and research
    • Everything DiSC Workplace Guides

    Additional kits may be purchased

    See Everything DISC® Certification

  • Online

    Cost $2995* per person

    What is the required time commitment for this course?

    This online course consists of four modules over a four week period. Your clients will complete one module per week. Each module will require three to five hours of time per week, broken down in the following way

    • One to three hours of self-directed online work, to be completed before the module’s live collaborative (instructor-led webinar) session
    • One 90-minute live collaborative (instructor-led webinar) session per week (NOTE: Attendance is required at ALL live collaborative sessions)
    • 30 to 60 minutes of additional self-directed online work following the live collaborative session
    • A final exam, to be completed within 48 hours of the final live collaborative session

    Click here for the course schedule.

    Available Dates:

Cooper Consulting Group Testimonials


  • Christie Cooper is a very talented manager and trainer. She held both positions during my tenure. She was selected to travel to Japan to hold training for our affiliate operations there. She is detailed, high energy and very astute. She was a consistent leader in the organization while I was with the company. I recommend Christie for any training or management position.